Golfers won’t go for paying more than the guys who check-in in front of them, will they?

We are owners and operators ourselves and have an 18 month history of implementation with this strategy and completely understand how you may feel. We felt the same way 18 months ago. What we have found is golfers will, not only understand the strategy, but embrace it. Let’s examine who golfers really are; Golfers travel (the airline, rental car and hotel industry all utilize dynamic pricing), golfers go to baseball games (over half the MLB teams use dynamic pricing) and at least half of golfers are time sensitive, not price sensitive as you may believe. We get calls and emails to our office about an assortment of complaints golfers have after playing our golf courses. The beverage cart didn’t get to us until hole 10, the starter was rude, there was no sand in our sand bottle on our cart, etc. In 18 months we have received exactly ZERO calls about pricing. That’s right, a big goose egg!

Dynamic pricing has been around for years and as mentioned before, is used in the hotel, rental car and airline industry. Most recently, many teams in Major League Baseball have adopted the methodology. As usual, the golf industry has been slow to react to the powerful pricing strategy. Every course has day parts, or segments of their day where they see high demand. But instead of taking advantage of those instances they just set their rate and forget it. “It’s almost spring, time to set our rates for the next 9 months”, sound familiar? Well no more, imagine a world where your rates can fluctuate as much demand… up and down. Imagine a team dedicated to evaluating demand every day, multiple times per day, and setting your prices accordingly. Your number one revenue source is greens fees and cart fees, it deserves the proper attention, not just a couple times a year.

When you have a team focused on selling your golf, not just waiting for golf to sell the sky is the limit.

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